We are NANKA Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian based food technology company that focuses on creating plant based alternatives to foods like meat, milk, flour, animal feed, pet food from a single source: jackfruit.

NANKA is a spin-off from nangka which means jackfruit in Malay language.

Previously known as Ira Noah, it was started by a couple who believes in nutrition and habit is key to addressing to lifestyle diseases the world is going through right now. Syafik and Amirah seeks out to create food that checks 3 criteria: delicious, nutritious, and accessible.

Since establishment, we are funded by an angel investor from Japan, private equity venture based in Singapore and animal welfare foundation from the United States of America.

With our facility based in Subang Jaya and our representative office in Singapore, we are working aggressively towards sustainable production of food that caters to human health, animal welfare and green environment.

NANKA believes that good habits start from young – and so our products cater to the children mostly.

Ahmad Syafik Jaafar


Amirah Mohd Noh


Low Zhen Bang

Sales & Marketing