NANKA creates its meat substitute products using a patent pending technology developed originally by the International Islamic University in Malaysia under the patronage of Dr Ibrahim Abu Bakar. NANKA has since acquired the technology and improved it multiple folds. In fact, the version we are selling right now is more than the 100th iteration!

The technology relies on advanced level of formulation and recipe to create meat-like experience for consumers rather than the process of production.  In fact our production process is actually low tech to keep it simple and minimal. Hence the minimally processed products.

Ever since its invention, NANKA has won several awards like ITEX Gold Medal in 2017 and Silver Award 2019, Changemakers Award by Thought For Food, an international NGO and listed as one of 39 critical innovations by the Malaysia Ministry of Science and Technological Innovation in Malaysia Commercialisation year 2021. NANKA has also been selected in numerous accelerator programs both locally and internationally including Rabobank, the biggest agricultural bank in the world and United Nations.


As a testament to our true dedication to quality, we have received several mentions and media features on magazines, news papers, websites and press releases.